Thursday, February 15, 2007's the skinny...

It all started long ago, when nature seemed a merciless, unrelenting foe.

Our surroundings were bigger, and far more powerful than us.

Where would thoughts of ever using it all up come from?

As we learn the lessons of our History, we often become stuck at certain phases, repeating History, in some form of ancestral tribute, instead of taking the lesson learned, and moving ahead.

We still talk about Man v. Nature...Man's Dominion over Nature.

It's a losing battle...we are nature...

Until we acknowledge, accept, realize, and act upon our naturalness...our part in the natural course of events...we may as well use up all the Petro Chem as fast as humanly possible, adapt accordingly, and get on about our business.

The current Climate Crisis will serve to establish options for the time when Petro Chem is gone.

Forward thinking, tech-headed individuals will come up with a workable solution.

Maybe rain can be distilled into carbon fuel...that sort of thing...

Some form of Homo Technus will survive.

By the time all this occurs, survivors will be well adapted to conditions of the day, and be perfectly content with their lot in life.

Homo Sapiens time will have passed.

History will remember us as powerfully doltish.

We strove, pushed, and struggled...constantly at war with ourselves, never grasping the obvious.

Oh, we go, Kids...hang onto your hats...

That's pretty close to exactly what's going to happen.