Sunday, February 4, 2007


Get over Man v. Nature. It's a no-win situation.
We are nature.

Everything we have ever done, everything we will ever do, is part of the natural course of events.
Don't waste time on a reactionary, guilt driven crusade to undo our mistakes.
Take stock. We know what's good for us.
Change demand, and supply will follow.
That's the natural course of events.

We are on a reckless course, which will determine the future of Humanity.

Not of the USofA, or Islamic Fundamentalism, nor any other ology, or ism.


There's no time for review.
Change for the better.
It's in us all...somewhere...

If you need an ology, or an ism, to get started...
apply some kineticism to the problem...a little soul salve never hurt...

check it'll feel better when you return...