Friday, February 16, 2007

RAWBABBLE...access to tools...opposable thumbs...

When this book first became popular, it sat around, in obvious plain sight, in homes everywhere.
It was...'an essential coffee table book'...promoted as a decorative accessory to the chicly hip, or hiply chic...take your pick...
Folks were way too cool to admit it, but the image of Earth, and the implication that, by displaying it you were groovy, sold the book.
It became almost like every word, in case you're questioned...very few people cared about access to tools...that's what Hardware Stores were for...people learned stuff from this book by default...a lot of what they learned could prove valuable today...
It's just that the promise fizzled, and it became a cliche' everything else turned loose in USofA.
That's what we do...distill everything to its most common denominator.

It means that everyone gets a dose.
It may be ridiculously diluted Kool-Aid, tainted with who knows what, but there's some for everyone.

One good indicator of where a person stands today would be if they still have their 1968 copy.
I'll be the judge of whether it's really their copy, or yard sale/ebay memorabilia.
They'll only take a split second to tell.
The book contains subliminal messages that show on a person's face.
I bet those, whose copies are genuinely theirs, have something to offer...if we can wake 'em from their long slumber...and send them forth into the Rip Van Winkle Warriors.

Man, are they gonna be shocked...watching them awaken should be interesting...
end fits in here somewhere...