Friday, February 23, 2007

Conclusion...iacta alea est...

Save the Earth is the consummate human vanity.

It was a nice buzzphrase, got awareness levels up, and served to awaken enough individuals that the Climate Crisis is no longer considered a joke.

The phrase has outlived its usefulness. It is now an encumbrance.

Until we get over the idea of Saving the Earth, and realize that the only thing Earth needs saving from is us, we remain pawns in our own intellectual wanking...victims of Ecobabbleism, if you will.

All we can hope to do is take the lessons we have learned, moderate our behavior...sufficiently enough to allow natural healing to thrive...and adapt to the changes we have wrought...the sooner, the better.

It took nearly half a milennium to get Save the Earth, from Hippie gibberish to mainstream.

We do not have that long to get over it.

Besides, if King Petro Chem is actually overthrown, those images we've all seen from Mogadishu, and other strife ridden areas of the Globe, will seem like safe haven. Don't kid yourselves. We're in this for the long pull.

This Blog is titled 'Sea Change' for a reason.

Don't forget, the toughest thing for most humans to do, is consider the future. We barely have a present, it flies by so fast.

The future...whewwww!!!

Stay tuned...there's much more, still to the future.

If this proves cause for reflection, you'll enjoy the following material.
Reading it has brought me to the above conclusion.
See what it does for you...

It's time for Yours Truly to move forward.
C'mon won't be dull...

there's a sea change a comin'
comin' for us all
we're bound to get swept up in it
all ridin' on this ball

since what you see, is what you get
learn to see it all...