Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Present...

Is the butterfly looking outward...contemplating an amazing voyage?
Or, is the little critter facing a screen...looking in on someone else's viewpoint?
That's where we stand.
How you feel, responding to this image...should serve as a clue to how you will fare in The Future.


I agree with the prevailing wisdom on one thing..if we lose sight of our History, we will be unprepared for the present...History got us to's the connection...our guidebook...our manual.

The more we know about our past successes and failures the better we become at utilizing the good and not repeating the failures...theoretically, that is...good and failure are pretty subjective terms.

However, the lessons of History do not apply to the current Global Crisis...picture a timeline of Human population...there's zero precedent for this situation.

Looking back...successwise...we proliferated...failurewise...who's to say?...that's what we know.

There's the rub.

To be perfectly honest with ourselves...this is our HeyDay...our day in the Sun...our time...the most exciting period in Human History...we are the Climax Animal of Planet Earth...and it appears we are making a mess of things.

In the past, there's never been an immediate, species threatening situation...which can be evaluated by everyone before proceeding.

It affects us all...and everyone knows about it.

Yeah, yeah...I know...not really everyone...but, everyone whose actions affect the future of anyone other than those in their small, off the grid/tribal unit.

This fact changes everything.

From this point forward, History is a fascinating burden...constant review is not going to solve anything.

We did this...we proliferated ourselfs into this mess...naturally.

What are we going to do about it?

Our intellect, relying on History, tells us we gotta do something...react and respond.

Take command of the situation...we always have...that's our way.

But, for some inexplicable reason, our way ain't cuttin' it anymore...time to move forward.

The End...for History.

Anything we can envision is possible.

We just gotta learn to project a brighter outlook.


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ecobabbleism on Earth...TIN MEN in Space...

I have seen the future...and it looks weird.

OILMANTALITY rules the planet...Richard Branson is The Face of Space.

Huddled Masses stare into their screens...hoping for a glimpse of real life...someone else's...from the past.

Yep...I said Huddled Masses...thought we were over that one, didn't ya?

What's the dif?

The Huddled Masses are cleaner, better trained, and most are sufficiently opiated...that's always been the goal, hasn't it?

Maybe this sounds good to you...maybe not.

I'm just giving you a glimpse, so we'll be the good scouts we all are.

To learn more...carry's all here.

Forge Ahead through these Interesting Times...curses!


The brilliant observer, Hunter S. Thompson said...'when the going gets weird...the weird turn pro'...I guess he was right.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

Save The Earth

Meet Lame & Flimsy...they're presenting an exciting new global juggling act...contrived to set our minds at ease during these interesting times.
You should see the guy on the right juggle plates...full ones.
The other one appears blind...( I just received this image, and don't yet know who's Lame and who's Flimsy)...maybe he's Blind Lemon Lame...Blues Juggler.
Anyway...just knowing they're out there tossing things around makes me feel good...I couldn't wait to share this with soon as I know more, I'll report in...carry on... FADDA your left...for more on Algore, et al...


As long as we continue to deal with the issues at hand in our typical REACT/RESPOND fashion...we're screwed...think NOLA.

The problem has to be right there, full blown, for all to see before reaction and response can happen...and...there has to be a system of precedence in place, to establish and disseminate the proper reaction/response mechanism to the populace.

I don't know what today's computer modeling terminology for such a system would be...but, I'll bet every model would predict failure of same...the system of precedence dooms everything...think about it...

The problems we face today cannot be 'waited for', dealt with, and RESPONDED/REACTED to.

Unless, of course, that's nature's which case, I'm standin' at the rail, pissin' into the wind...right along with everyone else.

Embrace the's the only game in town

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Reduce Puffery...

Puffery, Pomp and Circumstance, and all other Trappings of Power consume enormous amounts of energy.

Pols, and others, who seek public support, should instantly drop said Trappings...otherwise, they are all full of I claim.

Let's see one of these Bozos really Buck the Tide, swim upstream, and break away from the schoolies.

The positive effect on Global Warming would be incredible...think of all the hot air that will be eliminated...isn't that a big part of the problem?

I liked the crazy guy who rolled his sleeves, and jumped around spewing spittle all over the place...get him back on the least we'd know where things stand.

Of course...the folks who really need to see this are busy at the Blank-Faced Power-Lying my hopes aren't all that high.

Gotta enjoy a grin over this once in a while...otherwise, why bother...this mess sucks!

outside what box?

The only boxes in nature...exist inside our gourds...we made 'em up.

It all began before time.

Some Hominid stared out the opening of his cave, too frightened to venture anywhere, starving to the point of hallucination, and on the verge of howling at the moon...which had gone from a huge round disc, to nothing, to a huge round disc again...since the last hunting and gathering venture.

Experience had given the Hominid fire and taught him to store water and dried foodstuff.

It wasn't all that bad, because he didn't know what he was missing...this was par for the course...hole up until the predators move on.

The moon began waning.

Lightbulb on!

The same ration of food disappeared between the appearances of the large round disc...every time.

There it is, Kids.

From that moment, 'til right now...our timeframe has been ruled by holed up survivors...staring fearfully outward.

They dreamed up The Box.

It exists for their minds...let 'em have it.

learn more...

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Global Warming...wassupwidat?

With all the numbers being tossed around...fractions of a percentage point rise in temperature, barely measureable amounts of increased Carbon Dioxide...etc...I started looking into possibilities other than those most touted.

The first thought that made any sense was a possible contracting of Earth's orbit around the Sun.
It seems like everything else in the Universe is in a stage of contraction, inexorably drawn toward some center.

Why not our orbit?

After some consideration, I figured Earth's orbit, contracting by only our own diameter, might make a noticeable difference.

Temperatures rise and drop considerably in any given location due to seasonal changes in Sun angles...why not because of getting a little closer?

The surprising thing is...there's no measurement even close to accurate enough to detect such a change.

93,000,000 miles is as close to a useable number as any.

There are refinements...Scientists talk in Astronomical Units...but their estimates are no closer than the old Kellogg's Corn Flakes AU is about 93,000,000 miles.

Who knows how realistic my thoughts about getting too close to the Sun might be?

There's no way to measure it...that surprises me.

Maybe it's a case of those in the know deciding the public isn't prepared for such happens.

More's come up with a way to make money from the knowledge...yet

And...Poluticians* can't come up with a way to make it relevant in upcoming elections...what would they promise to do?

* Poluticians is a typo, but it looks good...pollute icians...polluting people's minds with their Agenda Driven Global Warming Gibberish...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


There's a lot here....time to digest, before I become guilty of exactly what I'm trying to prevent...spreading Ecobabbleism

One of my techniques is to leave things alone for a while...then go back and try to read like someone who's seeing the material for the first time. If it works, I get a different impression with every read.

Today, it's my first impression.

The onslaught of gibberish about to ensue RE The Climate Crisis, is far more dangerous than all the Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide ever produced.

The solution will be worse than the radiation therapy. Anthropogenic/Carcinogenic...what's the dif?

Save the Earth has been turned into a guilt trip...because it's been co-opted, and is being spewed by guilty parties, hoping to atone.

Ecobabbleism will lead to frantic GeoEngineering...11th hour, doom from a comet scenario, heroic leaders anguish over collateral damage...all sorts of pleasant possibilities loom.

And, if we don't pay attention, it's just gonna be 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss'...but much, much worse.

STOP OILMANTALITY! actually needn't read anything more, unless you enjoy the idea of seeing into the future through your own eyes.

You'll be needing a Personal Cosmology...otherwise...go forward believing the agenda driven blather of others...not much good ever comes from that, eh?

What goes around really does come around...and ya really do reap what ya sew.

Try it!

Monday, May 14, 2007



One thing we do have control over in The Global Crisis is...Dammitt...I can't think of one.

Back to the drawing board...a few minutes later...

Ah Ha!...Got one.

Personal Spending...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mudda's Fadda Eart

Here's some POV from Father Earth...his friends call him Fadda Eart, or Pops Eart...

Mudda wants me to remind you that Dinosaurs made less of a mess.

The peak of Reptilian existence came very close to creating permanent, low lying methane clouds...almost overwhelming the exchange of oxygen...and turning the verdant Eart into a fetid, putrid swamp.

Too many Brontosauri in one location was deadly...those boys could fart, lemme tell ya.

Funny, dumb, flatulent, hapless creatures...I liked 'em.

You know how they moved around.

Badumpadump...badumpadump...heads all bobbin' around.

They're gone...along with their kindred Reptilians...collateral damage, eh?

Mudda couldn't breathe.

This morning she awoke to total friggin' cacophony...created by us.

Figger the rest out for yourselfs.

Happy Mudda's Day...Mudda F'ers...yer makin' the ol' Gal cranky.

Oh, yeah...just because it's Mudda's day, don't mean ya can relax.

How about this?

By the time Ethanol becomes ubiquitous, The Petro Chems will own everything, from the ground the corn is grown on, to the distribution stations...and, since there will be no other economy, because Petro Chem/Plastic production has ceased, they'll finance, manufacture, lease, and re-cycle the vehicles...a perfect, closed-loop economy....sounds sorta OK, 'til ya realize it's gonne be Oil Men, all over boss, same as the ol' boss, eh?

It ain't the's the Oil Man...petro, or corn...oil just sits there.

Plus, imagine the excuses they'll have to do Genetic Engineering with their "NON-FOOD" corn...check out the accidental cross-pollination of genetically altered/non-gentically altered corn happening right now...picture that on a grand scale...managed by OILMANTALITY.

Cripes, if we can't foresee this one, and set up parameters, before the response/react phase, we deserve whatever happens.

There are no applicable lessons from History on this one...except...Might Makes Right.

More power to ya, Kids!

Saturday, May 12, 2007 it, or leave it

Remember that one?

Nobody seems to be heeding the advice.

All we do is bitch about everything, and I don't see anyone leaving.

I think Pols want fences to keep us in...not to keep others out...a trained populace isn't easy to come by...can't have any of 'em escaping.

Because, pretty soon, the only way out will be up...and up is already filled with weaponry...pointed back this way.


Saturday, May 5, 2007

I just realized...

Sea Change is produced using only 100% Re-Cycled Electrons.

Google 'ecobabbleism'...

simply tell your friends to Google ecobabbleism...all the buzzwords appear right click away...that's pretty nifty...don'tcha think?

The ability to say Google ecobabbleism...out mixed company...without giggling, or gurgling, is proof that one is ahead of the curve...really!

When it all comes around, and Google ecobabbleism is generically infused...partly because of your'll feel so good, it'll tickle you in places ya didn't even know ya had...or, have long forgotten.

Rawfeed...unedited...make of it what you will...

Take pride in your work.

What a great concept to instill into the minds of a population whose task is developing an Industrialized Nation.

It worked brilliantly...for a while.

Now, in a Post-Industrialized World, the left-over Homo Sapiens, still proud of their work, bite the bullet, while pride and boastfullness over not working, not providing anything tangible... gleaning the remains, if you will, becomes the way of the land...can you say, "Homo Technus" Rules?

As long as we continue forward under these conditions, we will never muster the gumption necessary to accomplish anything.


NOTE...that's some extra raw material...

I don't even know what it means...yet...something to do with a weakening trend...

By way of clarification...old timers around the Gloucester Waterfront could often be heard to say, "It's a great life if ya don't weaken."

Over many years around said waterfront, I've worked with a number of strong, capable, vital individuals in their 80's, and even 90's.

Pride in their work is the one constant.

I don't think Humanity can afford to let something like that escape our grasp.

We are struggling enough right now, don'tcha think.

Thursday, May 3, 2007


It's always good to survive the stupid phases.

Take stock for a moment.

That's what just happened.

Humanity has, through instant evolution, and blind luck, survived one of our stupidest phases ever.

We've learned that when anything is turned loose on the public, there's a period of discovery, a thrilling stretch of usage-development, and abuse 'til it's gone...levels of turmoil correspond accordingly.

Left unchecked, that is what we will do every single time.

So, turn this loose...and speed up the is infinitely renewable.

Plus, Ecobabble has opened avenues of discussion all around the Globe.

There's a built in market...go for it Kids...

I'm taking the top this, M'fers approach...let's see what ya got!

Here's my opening...

For one sorry stretch, Humanity produced way too many many, in fact, that some rose inexplicably to the else can we explain the recent half millennium?

Their time is passed.

Culture Starved, as we are, whatever hits the target...right now...will become the future.

Dick Tracy's wrist radio has become Cellular Technology...major Global Industry from a cartoon, fer cryin' out loud.

That one happened pretty much on its own...comic book kids, science geeks, and Popular Mechanics addicts saw to that...ideas were excitedly shared, and expanded upon...not least in the early stages.

The later stages, when the $ started changing hands, never would have happened without the freely shared anyone left alive who can handle the sacrifices required to go through another freely shared period?

With what we now know, we should be able to take virtually any idea, spread it generously throughout the media, and get a positive result.

Let's give it a try...anybody home?

Pretty far out thought, but simple, true, and

Forge Ahead!