Tuesday, February 6, 2007


I have good news. It's nobody's fault. Get over it. Forge ahead.

Here comes ecobabble...

With guys like Richard Branson, Algore, and Ted Turner on the case, we should have nothing to worry about, eh?
The Rebel Billionaire, Lurch the Internet Inventor, and The Mouth of the South save the planet.
I don't know about you, but I feel better.

I predict blue skys, green grass, clean oceans and birds chirping all around...coming soon...to a planet near you...send compost now...things should be ready in a few million years...buckle up, here we go...

Before these guys turn their outlooks into gospel, I'd like to go on the record.
They represent The Guilty Party.
Branson admits he got involved out of guilt. I heard him say so on The Weather Channel.
Turner's been doing some bizarre penance ever since he married Janey.
As far as Lurch goes...that's some wacky dude...can you say, agenda?

Guilt ridden, agenda driven, Johnny Come Latelys with access to the media...great...

Here's how it looks objectively...guilt free...

As time passes, and the level of interest rises, so will the confusion over which way is best. Special interest groups, and profiteers will see to that. Confusion to the Enemy is a tried and true method.
No matter where you choose to stand on the issue, you're someone's enemy...so give it your full attention...don't allow confusion to reign...

With this in mind...a few simple basics...as a point of reference...

We cannot destroy the planet.
We can only destroy our niche on the planet.
The symbiosis is out of whack.
Recognize this.
We're the ones on the take. We have to make the effort.

Simply put...
Don't delude yourself about Saving the Earth.
This is about saving us.

Earth does not care.
If she did, she'd probably figger, "Hmmm. I was better off before they got here. Things were calming down."

Human Generated Global Warming can only be dealt with by ceasing the use of fossil fuels.
This is within the realm of possibility, if we're serious.
While considering this, realize that the most populous, most rapidly developing nations on the planet are early Industrial Age in much of their development. Fossil fuels are the fuel of the Industrial Age. What are they going to do?

We'll have to adopt a true Humanitywide Global Outlook, realize that we are fighting for survival, and accept, what, in today's world, will seem like serious hardships...starting now...

Otherwise, we start adapting to climate change, dwindling population, and greatly diminished personal freedom, as we battle over the ever scarcer supply...of just about everything...

It's as simple as that.

Change...or humans will be at war over diminishing resources until the end of time...you can take that to the bank...

Wasting decades reacting, responding, studying, conferencing, and trying to undo the past is foolish.
It's always been our way. It too must change. It's a luxury we can no longer afford.

Studies showing thirty years to serious consequences are flapdoodle.
If you believe that our actions brought about these potentially serious consequences, you know that they're serious right now.

What's done, is done, and cannot be undone. Take what we've learned. Acknowledge that there are tough decisions.

Change, or not.
Just don't get stuck nowhere.
Make the tough decisons. This is no time for fence sitting.

Also, don't forget that the Environmental Movement did not start last week.
Solutions, though costly, exist...thanks to the efforts of these folks...

Take what these New Ecobabbleistas pitch with a grain of salt.
They'll have to get all their most valuable information from people they've historically put down as granola eatin', tree huggin', unwashed, etc...the spin should be fascinating...the art of compromise...strange bedfellows, and all that...

Ecobabble is also a great diversion to terrorism...we'll all feel better trying to stop Global Warming...after all, we can't do anything about terrorism, except fret...get our minds on something new...

more to follow...