Sunday, February 18, 2007


...don't get excited...I'm not making any ridiculous claims...yet...

The format presents the newest stuff first.
This makes it necessary to refresh the purpose in each post.
Otherwise, it's all mumbo-jumbo...just like all the rest of the gibberish surrounding Ecobabbleism...which, by way of refreshment, is exactly what we're trying to avoid here.

For example...if this is your first visit...what the?...doesn't make much sense, does it?

My Son tells me savvy readers know that's how Blogs go, and anyone interested will scroll down, look to the left, and...if it looks cool, continue on, and check things out.

That's good, but, if this is going to have the desired effect, I can't start off by putting demands on the reader.

There's enough www to lure anyone's attention away in milliseconds.

I would never even get this far, without a previous purpose, or the promise of celebrity skin.

So, today's project attention getting problem...piece of cake...

6:00 AM Sunday...2/18/007...the quest for answers...

My first thought is...7:35 AM...

Mobilize Post WWII Baby Boomers to boycott all products using Dennis Hopper as their spokesperson.

This includes ads he's done in the past.

The Bozos in the Ad Biz utilize Hopper's smarmy smirk to generate a sense of identifier with the Bad Boys of the Boomer Generation.

Smokin' his stogie, cruisin' in a Lincoln, surrounded by the Bikers from Hell, he leers into the lens, and says, "Only in America."

That's from a few years ago.

But, the image of rebellion, gone to seed, never to blossom, settled smugly into a traveling Barcalounger, oozes from ol' Dennis' every creepy pore, in ads targeted toward us on a regular basis.

I think he's the spokesperson for some 'We're still Groovy after all these years' product right now.

It tells us what those in the Ad Biz think of us.

Hopper's tone represents smart-assed dopers, laughing at everything but theirself, with a lay back and giggle at 'em for tryin' outlook.

That's what Boomers the minds of the Ad Biz Bozos...are they right?

It ain't all four hour boners, and endless sunsets, Boys...time to suck it up, and deliver on some of that unfulfilled promise...

This suggestion is probably terroristic, or seditious, so actually boycotting anything is risky biznis. Hopper shills for major players. Messing with their bottom line would harm the economy.

The point is...

If I'm getting the point across, there should be nothing left to say.

I'm suggesting that by picking on some poor sap from a TV ad, we can change our outlook.

That can't be right, can it?