Monday, February 19, 2007

BLAME...guest post from Fadda Eart

There always has to be a scapegoat, or we have nowhere to direct our anger...

Maybe that's the answer...I blame us.

And I guarantee...I'm pissed-off at us enough for, don't waste your time on blame...I got it covered...

Good, now we can start solving the problem...

For starters...this adherence to the lessons of History thing is complicating the problem.
History was yesterday.
There are no relevant lessons from our past, which apply to the Climate Crisis...other than the everpresentness of 'might makes right'.
We are at an evolutionary crossroads.
Our next move is a done deal.
Something has to give.
The wheels are so fully in motion that this Climate Crisis has taken over from Terrorism as Fear #1.
For an impending possibility to garner so much attention, it must have some basis in reality.
Whether that reality is happening all on its own, or is the result of despicable men, with no concern for anything but them, and theirs, does not matter.
What matters is that we've collectively taken note of the problem.
That's big.

Can collective consciousness overcome evolution?...does it really need to?

In days of yore...History, if you will...those at the top of the heap, making all the big decisions, creating the problems that are our future, didn't have access to as much intelligence as I do, sitting here before this screen, today.
Yes, it's all their fault...they did us into this mess...
But, they didn't know any better.
Get over it!
We do know better.

Fadda Eart