Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide...


I'm not jumping aboard as developments proceed...this is from March of 2007.

Nobody had ever heard the word Anthropogenic.

Today, it's tossed around like casual sports terminology...everyone knows how to use the word in conversation.

That's Media Planting.

Imagine how far ahead of The Environment Game I am today!

ANTHROPOGENIC...sounds like Carcinogenic, eh?

Why would someone suddenly start using such a word?

Who knows what it means?

It's being used by Ecobabbleists to add the twinge of fear, and self-loathing to the equation.

I say self-loathing because Anthropogenic = Man-Made...as in, we are a Cancer on the face of the Earth

This is a prime example of the subtle scare tactics employed in the promotion of Ecobabbleism...confusion to the populace...man-made is wrong...worse, a fatal disease.

Don't try to tell me you didn't experience a vile sensation when you saw Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide...you did.

99.999% of Humanity got the same impression...that's the point.

This word has become fashionable among guilty parties, attempting to atone, wanting to share their guilty feelings, and spiff up their epitaph.

They feel guilty for being alive, and abusing the priviledge...and are using the enormous upswell of Ecological Awareness as their foil.

Oh, yeah!

Those of you of The Age know you're using the last of it...leaving your offspring in the worst mess in history, and you do nothing...car pooling to the recycle center, in your hybrid doesn't really count.

That'd be my tactic, if I chose to play the guilt-trip game.

It works...those of you of The Age felt it.


Richard Branson, Dilettante Environmentalist, likes the word Anthropogenic... www.virginearth.com

I bet anything you can name, that stipulations set forth by 'The Rebel Billionaire' before purchasing his private island, included clean air, fresh water, and safety from the onslaught...should the Caca hit the fan.
It's easy to posture when you have your escape plan in order.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Everyone deserves an ATTABOY!!!
Seriously...our abuse of Petro Chem, and our awareness of its potential for disaster, began at the same time.
We love to play with fire.
Considering the risks, loving the gains, we sucked it up like Mother's Milk.
Now, we're surrounded by it.
Amazingly...we have arrived at the crisis point, just as awareness levels reach their peak...or, vice-versa.
However one sees it, if we destroy our niche on Earth, by milking her dry, we can simply blame it on Permanent Puppy Syndrome.
You know how puppies will engorge themselves to death, unless forced off the tit.
We're like that, too.
Fortunately...according to legend, we have superior intellect, and should be smart enough to wean ourselves.
The options exist...change demand...supply will follow.
The ATTABOY!!! is for getting to here.
The next one will come if we survive the upcoming onslaught of Ecobabbleism, without doing anything really stupid...like Geoengineering under pressure.
I've lived my entire life with Nukes on the horizon...'oh, well...what the hell'.
Consciously messing with the environment, in some insane plan to fix everything at the last minute, scares me.
My goal in life is to award the next ATTABOY!!!...live, and in person.
Here we go...hang onto your hats...

Art Dif...Billionaire Enviro Mentalist...guest...

Hello again,
It's been about a month and a half, since last my last post...click Enviro Mental...upper left.
I've just finished following the suggestion...read the entire Blog, from back to front, as a refresher...you'll get to the link in a few minutes.

It seems that SmythSpace has covered the Ecobabble issue quite thoroughly.
Taken as a whole, my sense is SmythSpace feels that anyone born from the close of hostilities WWII, through late '47...early '48 should be called upon to take a stand.
The idea being...these individuals have such a recognizable common history ( the exact same time as King Petro Chem's Reign ) that consensus on key topics may be possible.
This will be beneficial because the immediate Post-WWII Boomer group is a major target market for today's Petro Chem based economy.
This is power.
Art Dif...Billionaire Enviro Mentalist...

Friday, March 9, 2007

Media Planting...update...

In an earlier post, I brought up Media Planting...check it out...it only takes a few minutes to get the idea.


Back already? Good...here we go...Czech President Klaus, in comments given at The Cato Institute, says...


Not only has the notion of Ecobabbleism reached his ears, it came to him through my contact with Cato Institute, via a link on www.drudgereport.com

Drudge is like having my own wire-service. It's great.

Lately, they feature some sort of Ecobabble on a daily basis.

The other day Drudge ran an article about Hookers being affected by Global Warming. Seems the Central European Ski Resort trade is off.

Drudge also carries regular updates on more serious Environmental issues. These links are invaluable to Yours Truly. Response to an article is more likely to be read than just sending random, introductory emails.

I've been able to introduce Ecobabbleism to several major players in the Ecobabble Wars.

Cato Institute among them.

'Environmentalism is a Religion' equals Ecobabbleism.

Now, I need some major player to use the term...and say where the idea came from.

That's Media Planting.

Stay Tuned...it leads to great things...

P.S...If you are a newcomer to this Blog, it's like opening Cracker Jacks from the bottom, to get at the prize. The newest material is posted first. You'll enjoy catching up.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

History is...

The Future can include escalating levels of clarity, leading to a brighter outlook, or become pure, straight to the brain, agenda driven, hocus-pocus.
Hunker in the bunker, or cast off for ports unknown.
It's our call.

That's how my first posting to this Blog, titled expansion, closes...top left, under SO FAR...

The plan was to introduce the notion that Humanity is facing a Global Crisis...as Humanity...for the first time in History.

Every Human whose lifestyle provides access to this device is part of the problem.
What it took us to gain access to this device has contributed greatly to this problem.
I'm surrounded by objects made from Petro Chem waste, and I'm a self-declared Enviro Mentalist.

Ironically, this plastic box is also the solution.

add this to the mix...Earth's population has doubled since the start of Petro Chem's Reign...plus, the only people who paid any attention to birth control over this time are educated, civilized, top of society's heap...the balance of haves v. have nots among the recently added 3 billion Humans is overwhelming...in favor of the have nots...

Now that The Global Village has had a chance to take a look at itself, the Villagers are up-in-arms...understandably so, if you ask me.

Geoengineering may suit those high up in the grand scheme, but it's not going to sit well with the already disturbed Villagers.
Those who propose such Technobrained solutions show that they have zero common sense.

These folks still strive for Man's Dominion Over Nature.

GET OVER IT!...you are nature...BOZOS...

Saturday, March 3, 2007


events transpired...then it was now...

Let's take a look at what we've actually done here.
We've taken naturally occurring chemicals from beneath Earth's surface.
These chemicals buried themselves, and would have, over Eons, come back to the surface, and dispensed into the atmosphere.
Through numerous processes, we've greatly accelerated the natural course of events, creating The Climate Crisis.

Some think it's no big deal, some fear dire consequences.

What's going on has created an imbalance.
The symbiotic nature of our existence on Earth is way out of whack, and we know we're the ones who overdid it.
Earth just continues to be Earth.

Our survival instinct is kicking in.
It's like sensing 'The Force'.
Multitudes experience the sensation, while a few act to realize the experience.
It finds it's common denominator, and becomes part of us.
It's what we do...how we proceed...why we survive...

Continual disruption of the Status Quo is the only reason I'm not attempting to get this across to you by scratching with my dibble, on a sandy stretch of beach, by moonlight, praying for the tide to hold back just a little longer.

Fortunately, just when direct, spontaneous contact becomes of utmost importance to survival of the species, up pops the internet...whewww!!!

That's survival instinct...we're going to be OK...

Yes, we've overdone it.
It should come as no surprise.
We can get over it.

The Climate Crisis, as currently presented, is a ruse, dreamed by oilmen, to ensure that the greatest value will be drawn from the remaining supply.

My concern is, after decades of knowing all the same stuff we know now about atmospheric pollution, it's suddenly topic #1.


What could possibly be better for oilmen than having the world's economy turn on their every whim?

The only thing I can think of is promoting the notion that the remaining Petro Chem supply is crucially low, it's use must be judicious...not only because it's a scarce, natural commodity, but because we now realize the error of our ways, and must make a transition from Petro Chem to some alternative...right when supply is crucially low...

...controlling the economy, dispensing the vital Petro Chem as suits, and using the profits to develop controlling interest in whatever market rises to the top of the heap in the new Enviro World...ensuring economic power throughout the inevitable transition.

Ecobabbleism is their 'confusion to the enemy' weapon.

P.S...When President Daddy sits around with Cheney, and his other top cronies, they're fantastically successful oilmen...and they have their hand selected puppet at the helm...maintaining the Status Quo...

Thursday, March 1, 2007


The sooner we recognize the key phrases, the better.
There's a tone to this agenda driven nonsense.
Those who are jumping on the Climate Crisis Bandwagon, after profiting greatly, suffering pangs of guilt, and hoping to spiff up their epitaph, don't really know what they're carrying on about.
All they can do is Parrot what they pick up from advisors.
Their terminology gives them away.
Here's a good example... http://www.virginearth.com
I call it High-Falutin' Flapdoodle.
If there's a better way to bleat, without saying anything, or committing to anything, I've never seen it.
Learn to look out for these telltale signs.
It'll help clarify your choices.