Friday, January 26, 2007



This piece was originally written in the mid-eighties...the result of my exploration into ologies and remains unedited...amazingly, timelessly, timeless, eh?

Millions of Earth’s most pressing problems solved.
All in one fell swoop.
Kineticism is awareness of the energy stored within all objects.
It's value lies in extending that awareness into action.
Kineticism, fully realized, leads to ease of being.
That's a good thing.
The concept stems from things I learned while very young.
It was the 1950's.
We were in the midst of a much ballyhooed new direction for humanity.
I looked at the direction mankind was headed with the outlook of an American Indian, born in the wrong century.
My favorite viewpoints were held by the Hopi, Zuni, and Navajo.
These tribes had far reaching views.
My version of their outlook was close to anthropomorphic.
Inanimate objects took on living qualities.
The universe became recognizable.
I later came to realize that the spirit within all objects, as viewed by the American Indian, was actually an innate recognition of Cosmological Theories.
Their relationship with nature was so close that the Indians sensed the inner movement of atomic particles.
They felt the oneness of all physical objects.
Indians were aware of 'vibes'.

I remain fascinated by the notion of viewing today through the eyes of one who instinctively senses The Continuum.
Because, simply put, everything we recognize as physical is made up of the same rotating spheres, revolving around larger rotating spheres, ad infinitum, along with the space in between.
The bodies create the hum.
The space absorbs and disseminates this hum.
'Vibes' are the hum.
I have heard this referred to as the Music of the Spheres.
Ironically, I am of the age which experienced the onset of consciousness raising via drugs and spiritual awareness.
It's amazing how much of what has come from this new awareness is directly rooted in the point of view held by the American Indian.
LSD was a rerun.
Plus, I outgrew the moccasins and fringed leather garment phase around 1960.
So, Tripped Hippie is a 60's phase I skipped.
Many of those whose consciousness got psychedelically altered beyond the individual's ability to grasp, have found solace in the religion of the Tibetans.
Other than a few culturally based variables, Tibetan Bhuddism is not much different than Navajo beliefs.
Another haven for tripped out souls is Scientology.
L.Ron hit one here.
He simply took the sacrifice vs. reward aspect found in every belief system and added a new dimension, that of aggressive neurosis.
A great many of those lost to their trip are very aggressively neurotic.
Scientology suits their needs.
Scientologists get their reward without having to stop being the jerks they all realize that they are.

All of which leads back to Kineticism.
If you are a tripped out, aggressively neurotic jerk, it probably won't help.
You'll be forced, by your own self, to acknowledge such behavior.
You'll realize the disharmony your presence is causing in the 'vibe'.
But, being such a person, you won't recognize how to fix this problem.
Kineticism doesn't claim to fix things.
It simply rejoices in that which needn't be fixed.
The Aborigines, sitting at the base of Ayer's Rock, in "The Right Stuff", sending cinders into space, for John Glenn, still give me goosebumps.
Aborigines have Kineticism.
Many years ago, I saw a TV program about an ‘Abo‘ who'd gone 'walkabout'.
After his 'walkabout', he found, in a wasteland akin to the Lunar Surface, trinkets and amulets he'd placed beneath some rocks.
Years of windstorms, rain, and who knows what other outside forces had altered the terrain considerably.
The ‘Abo’ came near to the place where the loot was stashed, did some Aboriginal deep thought, inner vision thing, then walked over, bent down, and recovered his stuff.
That's Kineticism.
One thing Kineticism is not, is a system to be abused.
It's impossible.
Abuses, by those controlling belief systems, come from the fact that those in control know something which their followers do not.
At least that’s what the followers believe.
Oftentimes, those followers may be persuaded to take nefarious actions in implementing what those ‘in the know’ preach.
Whether the systematic, multi-tiered hierarchy of The Masons, the arcane labyrinthe of Catholicism, Islamic Fundamentalism, or, take your pick.
Religious Orders are just that, attempts to place a sense of order on the perceived chaos surrounding us.
Kineticism finds the balance within the chaos.
And, simply, appreciates the miraculous harmony.
These 'Orders' were established at a time when very few humans had access to higher knowledge.
They represent an assuaging of the fear borne of ignorance.
Today, with even the most obscure knowledge available to everyman, these 'order from chaos' systems are beyond outdated.
They are harmful.
Millions are born into belief systems over which they have no control.
Should an individual question these bestown beliefs, the first decision said individual must make is to refute all he or she has been taught.
This taints whatever choice the person makes with the stain of refutation.
Once born into an absolute system, a thinking individual must start off on the path to their own outlook by saying goodbye to those who presented the absolutism.
The choice between family and community, the presenters, and a solitary path to who knows where, often leaves the questioning human nowhere.
Kineticism simply fails to acknowledge the value of any belief passed on from a time of darkness.
The people who offered these beliefs are long dead.
Their outlook was based on their time.
Their time is long past.
Their outlook is useless today.
It, too, should be allowed to pass.

Fat chance, eh?
So, with all of the issues, suffering in turn for salvation, humble understanding leading to nirvana, relinquishing oneself in the name of piety, etc., etc., considered, Kineticism requires only that your very being be at ease in whatever surroundings you may encounter.
This is possible because you will feel total confidence in your beliefs.
This confidence comes from knowing that it works for you, because you made it up.
At ease in your surroundings, empowered with confidence, you can proceed on any chosen path, with a strong reason to hope for the best.
There you have it.

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