Thursday, February 1, 2007

Al Gore...Nobel Peace Prize...

This morning's first perusal of the www brought news of Al Gore's consideration for the Nobel Peace Prize.
It made me think of a post below.
My associate, Art Dif, Billionaire Enviro Mentalist, guest hosted that day.
Here's what Art had to say about ol' Al...Wed...1.27.'007
...Al Gore, one of the leading voices of our environmental conscience, claims we will get the rest of the world to follow in our newly developing Environmentalist Nation footsteps through 'Moral Authority'.
We, in our greater wisdom, will set a shining example for the rest of the world to follow.
Nations all over the globe will alter their ways, in emulation of our 'Morally Authorized' lead.
Cripes! That ol' boy is flat out stupid.
Nobody has looked to USofA for any 'higher outlook', since guys like Al's Dad ran the show.
They pretty much dumped Pandora's Box all over the place, and left the mess for us to clean up.
Yet, this bozo, son of an influence peddler, who, more, and more, resembles a lurching undertaker, came a few crooked votes from being the President, and gets huge attention for whatever issue enters his gourd.
I think he's a crazed lunatic with a forum...
Art goes on after can click the post entitled Enviro Mental...for more...the link is under 'SO FAR'...just to your left on this page...

On the other hand, Al's married to Tipper.
I guess he deserves something for that.