Monday, February 12, 2007

RAWBABBLE...affection for nature...
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RAWBABBLE will appear periodically, in this space.

This all started because nature was the enemy.

Germs, predators, natural disasters...whew...that's some scary stuff.
Especially before 24/7 monitoring of every event on the globe.
When Krakatoa blew, that was Armageddon...none of those who died got to phone family and friends, at the final moment...there was no awareness of anything outside of themselves, and their surroundings...except the vastness of the ocean, and the sky...the Earth shook, the Heavens darkened, and existence ended...period...badda-boom...
As recently as the 1800's, cataclysmic events in USofA's Midwest, were the end of the world, as far as survivors knew.
There was no way of knowing that the entire planet wasn't heaving, rupturing, and flooding.
Those survivors, and the tales they spread, contributed greatly to the wide eyed, religiofervent look on the faces of many a Midwesterner.

Point accident of birth, we're here, right now, today, generating the Climate Crisis...all in the same the same time.
This device can contribute enormously.
We all have access to the same information...really...a single piece of important information can reach every single individual whose lifestyle affects the Climate Crisis, in the time it takes for that individual to get online.
Keep in mind that folks without access to this device, probably aren't contributing much in the way of carbon emissions.
So, if they are out of the loop, it means zero to the solution.

Even though we're all onboard, facing a common problem, this is a pretty big boat, and we're not driving.
There's no Captain.
No-one can be everywhere, at once.
This ubiquitous gadget can be.

In the course of a single day, every human whose behavior affects the Climate Crisis, can access, process, comment on, and make decisions based upon the exact same information.

That's the first time ever, for that.

If we're serious, and we can't use this thing to come up with a consensus-like outlook, we're.....

The dots represent us...trailing off...into the sunset...

I just realized that the internet is a natural occurrence, part of the natural course of events.
We invented it, and rushed it to ubiquitousness, because we need it...NOW!...
As things reach the breaking point, up pops the solution.
Our survival instinct remains strong.
That's pretty friggin' cool, if you ask me.
We're smarter than we act, sometimes.
Or...even better...lucky!