Sunday, May 20, 2007

outside what box?

The only boxes in nature...exist inside our gourds...we made 'em up.

It all began before time.

Some Hominid stared out the opening of his cave, too frightened to venture anywhere, starving to the point of hallucination, and on the verge of howling at the moon...which had gone from a huge round disc, to nothing, to a huge round disc again...since the last hunting and gathering venture.

Experience had given the Hominid fire and taught him to store water and dried foodstuff.

It wasn't all that bad, because he didn't know what he was missing...this was par for the course...hole up until the predators move on.

The moon began waning.

Lightbulb on!

The same ration of food disappeared between the appearances of the large round disc...every time.

There it is, Kids.

From that moment, 'til right now...our timeframe has been ruled by holed up survivors...staring fearfully outward.

They dreamed up The Box.

It exists for their minds...let 'em have it.

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