Thursday, May 3, 2007


It's always good to survive the stupid phases.

Take stock for a moment.

That's what just happened.

Humanity has, through instant evolution, and blind luck, survived one of our stupidest phases ever.

We've learned that when anything is turned loose on the public, there's a period of discovery, a thrilling stretch of usage-development, and abuse 'til it's gone...levels of turmoil correspond accordingly.

Left unchecked, that is what we will do every single time.

So, turn this loose...and speed up the is infinitely renewable.

Plus, Ecobabble has opened avenues of discussion all around the Globe.

There's a built in market...go for it Kids...

I'm taking the top this, M'fers approach...let's see what ya got!

Here's my opening...

For one sorry stretch, Humanity produced way too many many, in fact, that some rose inexplicably to the else can we explain the recent half millennium?

Their time is passed.

Culture Starved, as we are, whatever hits the target...right now...will become the future.

Dick Tracy's wrist radio has become Cellular Technology...major Global Industry from a cartoon, fer cryin' out loud.

That one happened pretty much on its own...comic book kids, science geeks, and Popular Mechanics addicts saw to that...ideas were excitedly shared, and expanded upon...not least in the early stages.

The later stages, when the $ started changing hands, never would have happened without the freely shared anyone left alive who can handle the sacrifices required to go through another freely shared period?

With what we now know, we should be able to take virtually any idea, spread it generously throughout the media, and get a positive result.

Let's give it a try...anybody home?

Pretty far out thought, but simple, true, and

Forge Ahead!