Tuesday, May 15, 2007


There's a lot here....time to digest, before I become guilty of exactly what I'm trying to prevent...spreading Ecobabbleism

One of my techniques is to leave things alone for a while...then go back and try to read like someone who's seeing the material for the first time. If it works, I get a different impression with every read.

Today, it worked...here's my first impression.

The onslaught of gibberish about to ensue RE The Climate Crisis, is far more dangerous than all the Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide ever produced.

The solution will be worse than the disease...like radiation therapy. Anthropogenic/Carcinogenic...what's the dif?

Save the Earth has been turned into a guilt trip...because it's been co-opted, and is being spewed by guilty parties, hoping to atone.

Ecobabbleism will lead to frantic GeoEngineering...11th hour, doom from a comet scenario, heroic leaders anguish over collateral damage...all sorts of pleasant possibilities loom.

And, if we don't pay attention, it's just gonna be 'meet the new boss, same as the old boss'...but much, much worse.


There...you actually needn't read anything more, unless you enjoy the idea of seeing into the future through your own eyes.

You'll be needing a Personal Cosmology...otherwise...go forward believing the agenda driven blather of others...not much good ever comes from that, eh?

What goes around really does come around...and ya really do reap what ya sew.

Try it!