Sunday, May 20, 2007

Reduce Puffery...

Puffery, Pomp and Circumstance, and all other Trappings of Power consume enormous amounts of energy.

Pols, and others, who seek public support, should instantly drop said Trappings...otherwise, they are all full of I claim.

Let's see one of these Bozos really Buck the Tide, swim upstream, and break away from the schoolies.

The positive effect on Global Warming would be incredible...think of all the hot air that will be eliminated...isn't that a big part of the problem?

I liked the crazy guy who rolled his sleeves, and jumped around spewing spittle all over the place...get him back on the least we'd know where things stand.

Of course...the folks who really need to see this are busy at the Blank-Faced Power-Lying my hopes aren't all that high.

Gotta enjoy a grin over this once in a while...otherwise, why bother...this mess sucks!