Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mudda's Fadda Eart

Here's some POV from Father Earth...his friends call him Fadda Eart, or Pops Eart...

Mudda wants me to remind you that Dinosaurs made less of a mess.

The peak of Reptilian existence came very close to creating permanent, low lying methane clouds...almost overwhelming the exchange of oxygen...and turning the verdant Eart into a fetid, putrid swamp.

Too many Brontosauri in one location was deadly...those boys could fart, lemme tell ya.

Funny, dumb, flatulent, hapless creatures...I liked 'em.

You know how they moved around.

Badumpadump...badumpadump...heads all bobbin' around.

They're gone...along with their kindred Reptilians...collateral damage, eh?

Mudda couldn't breathe.

This morning she awoke to total friggin' cacophony...created by us.

Figger the rest out for yourselfs.

Happy Mudda's Day...Mudda F'ers...yer makin' the ol' Gal cranky.

Oh, yeah...just because it's Mudda's day, don't mean ya can relax.

How about this?

By the time Ethanol becomes ubiquitous, The Petro Chems will own everything, from the ground the corn is grown on, to the distribution stations...and, since there will be no other economy, because Petro Chem/Plastic production has ceased, they'll finance, manufacture, lease, and re-cycle the vehicles...a perfect, closed-loop economy....sounds sorta OK, 'til ya realize it's gonne be Oil Men, all over boss, same as the ol' boss, eh?

It ain't the's the Oil Man...petro, or corn...oil just sits there.

Plus, imagine the excuses they'll have to do Genetic Engineering with their "NON-FOOD" corn...check out the accidental cross-pollination of genetically altered/non-gentically altered corn happening right now...picture that on a grand scale...managed by OILMANTALITY.

Cripes, if we can't foresee this one, and set up parameters, before the response/react phase, we deserve whatever happens.

There are no applicable lessons from History on this one...except...Might Makes Right.

More power to ya, Kids!