Monday, May 21, 2007


As long as we continue to deal with the issues at hand in our typical REACT/RESPOND fashion...we're screwed...think NOLA.

The problem has to be right there, full blown, for all to see before reaction and response can happen...and...there has to be a system of precedence in place, to establish and disseminate the proper reaction/response mechanism to the populace.

I don't know what today's computer modeling terminology for such a system would be...but, I'll bet every model would predict failure of same...the system of precedence dooms everything...think about it...

The problems we face today cannot be 'waited for', dealt with, and RESPONDED/REACTED to.

Unless, of course, that's nature's which case, I'm standin' at the rail, pissin' into the wind...right along with everyone else.

Embrace the's the only game in town