Saturday, March 3, 2007


events transpired...then it was now...

Let's take a look at what we've actually done here.
We've taken naturally occurring chemicals from beneath Earth's surface.
These chemicals buried themselves, and would have, over Eons, come back to the surface, and dispensed into the atmosphere.
Through numerous processes, we've greatly accelerated the natural course of events, creating The Climate Crisis.

Some think it's no big deal, some fear dire consequences.

What's going on has created an imbalance.
The symbiotic nature of our existence on Earth is way out of whack, and we know we're the ones who overdid it.
Earth just continues to be Earth.

Our survival instinct is kicking in.
It's like sensing 'The Force'.
Multitudes experience the sensation, while a few act to realize the experience.
It finds it's common denominator, and becomes part of us.
It's what we we proceed...why we survive...

Continual disruption of the Status Quo is the only reason I'm not attempting to get this across to you by scratching with my dibble, on a sandy stretch of beach, by moonlight, praying for the tide to hold back just a little longer.

Fortunately, just when direct, spontaneous contact becomes of utmost importance to survival of the species, up pops the internet...whewww!!!

That's survival instinct...we're going to be OK...

Yes, we've overdone it.
It should come as no surprise.
We can get over it.

The Climate Crisis, as currently presented, is a ruse, dreamed by oilmen, to ensure that the greatest value will be drawn from the remaining supply.

My concern is, after decades of knowing all the same stuff we know now about atmospheric pollution, it's suddenly topic #1.


What could possibly be better for oilmen than having the world's economy turn on their every whim?

The only thing I can think of is promoting the notion that the remaining Petro Chem supply is crucially low, it's use must be judicious...not only because it's a scarce, natural commodity, but because we now realize the error of our ways, and must make a transition from Petro Chem to some alternative...right when supply is crucially low...

...controlling the economy, dispensing the vital Petro Chem as suits, and using the profits to develop controlling interest in whatever market rises to the top of the heap in the new Enviro World...ensuring economic power throughout the inevitable transition.

Ecobabbleism is their 'confusion to the enemy' weapon.

P.S...When President Daddy sits around with Cheney, and his other top cronies, they're fantastically successful oilmen...and they have their hand selected puppet at the helm...maintaining the Status Quo...