Tuesday, March 6, 2007

History is...

The Future can include escalating levels of clarity, leading to a brighter outlook, or become pure, straight to the brain, agenda driven, hocus-pocus.
Hunker in the bunker, or cast off for ports unknown.
It's our call.

That's how my first posting to this Blog, titled expansion, closes...top left, under SO FAR...

The plan was to introduce the notion that Humanity is facing a Global Crisis...as Humanity...for the first time in History.

Every Human whose lifestyle provides access to this device is part of the problem.
What it took us to gain access to this device has contributed greatly to this problem.
I'm surrounded by objects made from Petro Chem waste, and I'm a self-declared Enviro Mentalist.

Ironically, this plastic box is also the solution.

add this to the mix...Earth's population has doubled since the start of Petro Chem's Reign...plus, the only people who paid any attention to birth control over this time are educated, civilized, top of society's heap...the balance of haves v. have nots among the recently added 3 billion Humans is overwhelming...in favor of the have nots...

Now that The Global Village has had a chance to take a look at itself, the Villagers are up-in-arms...understandably so, if you ask me.

Geoengineering may suit those high up in the grand scheme, but it's not going to sit well with the already disturbed Villagers.
Those who propose such Technobrained solutions show that they have zero common sense.

These folks still strive for Man's Dominion Over Nature.

GET OVER IT!...you are nature...BOZOS...