Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide...


I'm not jumping aboard as developments proceed...this is from March of 2007.

Nobody had ever heard the word Anthropogenic.

Today, it's tossed around like casual sports terminology...everyone knows how to use the word in conversation.

That's Media Planting.

Imagine how far ahead of The Environment Game I am today!

ANTHROPOGENIC...sounds like Carcinogenic, eh?

Why would someone suddenly start using such a word?

Who knows what it means?

It's being used by Ecobabbleists to add the twinge of fear, and self-loathing to the equation.

I say self-loathing because Anthropogenic = Man-Made...as in, we are a Cancer on the face of the Earth

This is a prime example of the subtle scare tactics employed in the promotion of Ecobabbleism...confusion to the populace...man-made is wrong...worse, a fatal disease.

Don't try to tell me you didn't experience a vile sensation when you saw Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide...you did.

99.999% of Humanity got the same impression...that's the point.

This word has become fashionable among guilty parties, attempting to atone, wanting to share their guilty feelings, and spiff up their epitaph.

They feel guilty for being alive, and abusing the priviledge...and are using the enormous upswell of Ecological Awareness as their foil.

Oh, yeah!

Those of you of The Age know you're using the last of it...leaving your offspring in the worst mess in history, and you do nothing...car pooling to the recycle center, in your hybrid doesn't really count.

That'd be my tactic, if I chose to play the guilt-trip game.

It works...those of you of The Age felt it.


Richard Branson, Dilettante Environmentalist, likes the word Anthropogenic... www.virginearth.com

I bet anything you can name, that stipulations set forth by 'The Rebel Billionaire' before purchasing his private island, included clean air, fresh water, and safety from the onslaught...should the Caca hit the fan.
It's easy to posture when you have your escape plan in order.