Sunday, March 11, 2007


Everyone deserves an ATTABOY!!!
Seriously...our abuse of Petro Chem, and our awareness of its potential for disaster, began at the same time.
We love to play with fire.
Considering the risks, loving the gains, we sucked it up like Mother's Milk.
Now, we're surrounded by it.
Amazingly...we have arrived at the crisis point, just as awareness levels reach their peak...or, vice-versa.
However one sees it, if we destroy our niche on Earth, by milking her dry, we can simply blame it on Permanent Puppy Syndrome.
You know how puppies will engorge themselves to death, unless forced off the tit.
We're like that, too.
Fortunately...according to legend, we have superior intellect, and should be smart enough to wean ourselves.
The options exist...change will follow.
The ATTABOY!!! is for getting to here.
The next one will come if we survive the upcoming onslaught of Ecobabbleism, without doing anything really Geoengineering under pressure.
I've lived my entire life with Nukes on the horizon...'oh, well...what the hell'.
Consciously messing with the environment, in some insane plan to fix everything at the last minute, scares me.
My goal in life is to award the next ATTABOY!!!, and in person.
Here we go...hang onto your hats...